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Health is a relationship

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This could be you

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Our Bodies

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Autumnal Equinox 2

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Autumnal Equinox

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Thank you Woodshock Productions!

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I recently received a call from the producer at Woodshock Productions. They're shooting a film here locally and they've all been working their glutes off for months now. He asked me to come out and do some morale massage for his crew and cast. I must have worked on 20 people in 2.5 hours!  I lost track half way through. Every last one of them needed the massage love! It was fast paced, but I had a BLAST. My massage chair hasn't seen that much action in forever!

It was a thrill to be on set while they were filming and to meet so many crew members and the actors. They were all so kind and down to earth! And get this, movie stars are actually REAL PEOPLE! Whoa- mind blown.

What a wonderful and unexpected mid-week surprise. Thank you again for the amazing experience, everyone at Woodshock Productions!!

How Massage Therapy Affects Pain

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How Massage Therapy Affects Pain

There are many methods of pain relief out there. Many people want to avoid the medication and Western therapies, which is why many natural cures have been introduced. Massage therapy is just one option available. Before jumping straight into it, it’s worth finding out how it helps and what effect has on pain.

Releasing Tension and Relaxing Muscles

Massage therapy works by helping the muscles to relax and release the tension that builds up on a daily basis. The process is through improving the circulation, which helps to reduce the feeling of pain in the body. When the muscles are more relaxed, they can sustain more on a daily basis, quickly offering relief from damage and stress.

There have been a number of studies looking into pain relief and massage. Those with arthritis can find that they are able to get on with their daily routines without problems thanks to this type of therapy.

Release of Endorphins and Serotonin

When the body relaxes, the brain is able to release good chemicals and hormones. Serotonin and endorphins are released quickly, which help to reduce pain and improve the mood. They are naturally created by the brain, and are released in other ways, including through exercise. Being happier can make you forget all about your pain.

Prevent and Treat Injuries

Pain occurs for a reason. Sometimes it is due to an injury or the threat of an injury. Massage therapy helps to treat and prevent these injuries, and that leads to offering relief from the symptoms. There are many injuries that massages can help, including but not limited to shin splints, back problems and shoulder issues. It can also be carried out at the same time as other medical treatments to help offer relief.

Massage therapy is a popular treatment option when it comes to pain relief. There are many benefits to hiring a trained professional for your needs, including the ability to opt for something natural in the Western world.


Now that's jaw dropping!

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Did you know I offer aromatherapy services for only $10? Now that's jaw dropping!


Proven Benefits of Wellness Massage and Bodywork

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Proven Benefits of Wellness Massage and Bodywork

Massage and bodywork have become increasingly popular amongst those who lead a healthy lifestyle, and while most of us have long since embraced the real benefits massage offers, others still need some convincing. To help enlighten those who may not be fully aware of the benefits massage has in store, we have listed a few of the most noteworthy health effects of this ancient practice.

Stress Relief

In study after study, massage has been proven to relieve the symptoms and underlying tension caused by stress. If you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, bodywork can help take the edge off and contribute to an overall improved sense of wellness.

Pain Management and Relief

If you experience headaches, suffer from fibromyalgia or even nerve pain, massage can bring you relief. Manipulation of the muscles and calming of the nerves causes the brain to release feel-good chemicals, which can leave the mind and body relaxed and pain-free.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, and arthritis can be effectively treated through bodywork. Physical wellness is intrinsically related to our mental and emotional health, and by releasing tension and stress in the body, we can experience relief from some of the diseases that plague us.

Whether you are interested in pain management, improved wellness, or stress relief give massage a chance. We think you’ll like the result.